Rala and I have been working together for about a year and a half. You have helped me realize my self worth and that is an invaluable gift. You have guided me through major transitions in my business while empowering me to hold my value and feel calm and safe when handling challenging people and situations. I feel better grounded and able to claim life with a Zen-like calm I love.


CEO, The Electric Chair, USA

I’ve had the privilege of calling Rala my confidant and guide for a long time, she has helped me grow & evolve into a positive, calm individual who is able to navigate many stressful situations personally and in my career. She has also helped me deal with everything that life has to challenge us with. Contact her & discuss what she has to offer to enhance your life’s journey.

Sandy C

Master Reiki Practitioner & Auyervedic Student

Rala has a very intuitive way of feeling right into whatever you are wanting to work on. Working with Rala has been incredibly grounding for me, from the very first session I could feel a shift in my energy. She has a very loving way of directing you to look at yourself and how you have co-created anything that is challenging you in your life and she helps guide you to see the gift of your circumstances. I look forward to my sessions every week with great anticipation of what we will uncover next together. Mysty

Traveler, Energy Healer

My life has been a roller-coaster for a very long time, I have been ready to get off the ride and I could never make it stop. God sent me an angel named Rala, she helped me to see I was worth more than I was giving myself credit for. She offered herself to me in many different ways however the most profound way was just being a confidant and guide. I was quickly going nowhere without support. A great support system is the key to success. She has helped me understand that my life is worth more and that I have to demand and command it from myself and the universe. If you feel you don’t deserve what ever you are dreaming of you are stifling your blessings. You have to know and believe you deserve to have everything you desire. Thanks Rala for putting me in that positive space and mind frame. Most of all thank you for being my guide!!! Delphine

Mortgage Broker Assistant

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