I live my life according to four major tenants


Freedom has many meanings.

For me freedom means not being tied down, knowing I can satisfy my gypsy spirit. That I have the ability to do what calls to my soul and not be stationary.

For you it could be getting un-stuck from the woes of your past, or getting over the fear that is holding you back. Fear is most commonly the reason we hold ourselves down, it takes many forms; judgment, self-critism, rejection, abandonment.

By realizing what the real cause of your actions are you will be able to better understand what you need to do to realize complete freedom.


I always feel the best when I’m in love.

Love doesn’t equate to “being in love” with someone else. It has many forms; self-love & acceptance, love for others, platonic love, romantic love.

Without understanding the strong emotional connections are important in every relationship, life can become mundane and boring. Imagine instead a life of sharing and being passionate about the others around you.

I can help you understand the reasons you hold back your love from others and why you put the walls up that block others from loving you.


“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

You are here for a reason, looking over what I have to offer you because something is lacking. Too often we start our life journey and settle for whatever is the easiest, as we get older we realized the easiest isn’t what satisfies the soul.

Get curious, get real, search deep down inside for what brings you joy and what gifts you have to share with others. Let me help you.


Do you put others before yourself?

Well-Being is just as important as my other three tenants. By focusing on yourself, both mentally & physically, you’ll be better prepared to help the others around you.

Lao Tzu has this famous quote that I love: “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” Too often we get stuck in cycles that require us to rush from one thing to the next. With all this rushing around we forget about living a joyful life.

I will help you stay on track and discover the reasons why you put others first. You should be your first priority.