I’m on herfuture.com

I’m on herfuture.com

Hello lovelies,


I am officially on www.herfuture.com blogging.  I wrote a post about what they might not have told you…

aiming it at coaches primarily when I realized, well now it really applies to life…with a few tweaks.


Here is the original post:  http://bit.ly/1trTrcf

I am going to add the tweaks here:

  1.  This is true about any type of success….it is more likely to take more time than less to master anything.  Money, a raise, a new sport, losing weight, unlearning limiting beliefs, and on and on.
  2. Course corrections apply to life.  We have grown and evolved….sometimes it is exactly the correct time to quit.  Often it’s just a tweak that is needed.  Either way, course corrections are small easy to make adjustments that often bring the sparkle back or the passion back.  Be on the lookout when a passion runs dry as to when it happened, what were the circumstances, was about a fear you hold?
  3. Life is full of sales pitches, “if you rub this cream on your wrinkles in just 10 days you will look 20 years younger!”.  These types of hype usually fail to mention the reality that it takes 60 days and 2 tubs of the cream to really achieve that result for most of us, but hey it worked in 10 days for one lady out of a 1000.  Point being:  commit to designing your life, your way and allow it to take what time it takes.  There are costs to everything we do, whether they are emotional, financial, time, or intellectual nothing is free.
  4. We all have our own timing.  Find yours and let everyone else find theirs.  Don’t be pushed or pulled or held back.  Let go of the excuses for why you can’t and engage one step at a time.  Do the very next thing, whatever that is.
  5. You are a unique light, as are we all.   Your light is here, now for a deliberate purpose.  Be the you, you were meant to be.  Be brave, courageous, loving, kind, compassionate and accepting of yourself and others always.


Please know that none of this is easy AND none of it is hard…unless you say so.  If you are looking for a little guidance on grooving back to your JoyVenture in life connect with me here for a discovery session or sign up for my Virtual Day on July 23 for $97.

bottone2txtMuch love and many JoyVentures,

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