Sex and the City and Me

So, it’s a saturday night, my weekend with the kids…love of my life still 3/4 of the US away and I am watching a Sex and the City Marathon.


And I am realizing that one of the things I am missing is this type of girlfriends…the Sex and the City type….my Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha, although one could argue I am the Samantha…

It occurs to me that I have a ton of desires that are similar to Carrie Bradshaw….I want the penthouse, the hunky man that is the love of my life (ok I have that one), but what I don’t have is that set of friends.  I have friends of course and some very very good ones.

But not the kind I put my kids on hold for, not the ones with similar interests that desire to go drink mimosa’s somewhere cool in Cherry Creek, not the kind that set aside time in their schedules ahead of time so we can have brunch or get drinks at a bar or whatever.


Perhaps in these moments while love of my life is across the states and we have to wait 6 weeks to see each other again, I should have a lifeline called girlfriends.

So, I pose the question to you all… you have the best girlfriends ever?  Will you give up kid time or man time to hang with them, do you have things that you do together, did you “grow up” together (whether that means from 20 or from 40 or 50?).  Lets face it, we are always growing up….whether we admit it or not.

What do you do when you don’t have them AND your 46 AND your an introvert AND you have no idea where to find these particular girlfriends???


Ladies, your girlfriends are sooo important.  I grew up practically a gypsy, moving every4-6 months as a kid and continued on as an adult.  I find it difficult to cultivate these types of relationships and even more challenging to find women with the same interests and willingness to create a symbiotic schedule.

I am not making less of the other types of girlfriends, in fact I have a ton of the kind that a year can go by each of us living our lives and when we call or get together its as if it was just yesterday that we hung out.  I have those acquaintance friends that are awesome for occasional gatherings and football games.

I am talking about sisters.  You are the same AND different.  This relationship is unexplainable to others ever, but somehow they get it….Mr. Big totally got the relationship of the girls…and never messed with it.

I totally want, desire, need those girlfriends that are sisters that know exactly what to say when even when it isn’t fun to say it AND somehow it’s okay for them to take those liberties you wouldn’t ever allow anyone else.  I crave that connection where you never think twice about expressing yourself.

You may say, “I don’t even know if I am allowed to say this but…” and then you say it anyway.  I want this small group of women that I can cry with, whine to, express my self sabotaging ways and get back up in a way no man can….I want it.

Is it necessary for a woman to have a set of “sisters” that never leave her so that the love of her life is never the only person she laments her self doubts to?


Much love and Many JoyVentures,





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