Welcome back…..to me!

                                            I’M BACK…!!!


Hello out there!!


I have been gone for a bit of time and hope you have enjoyed the postings that occured in my personal abscence.  I have been on a sabbatical of sorts.  I was/am designing my own JoyVenture for the new year.  I chose to take time and dive deep into what lights me up, what I am really good at, what makes me feel….great, the best, happy, fulfilled.

For those of you that don’t know, I put on my travel writers hat and published three times at www.pinkpangea.com/rala.  This was a labor of love for me, something I have wondered about for some time and I am sure I will be posting about it.

Joy by marianne

Now on to what’s coming up here at www.ralajoy.com.  The offerings page will be updated in the next few weeks to reveal a new way of co-creating your life by design.  I am totally looking for my peeps that desire the chance to embrace their inner rebel (lets face it if you like me you gotta be just a wee bit rebellious yourself, or ready to fly as a newborn rebel), work together to create an amazing community of like minded, super sensitive, rebels that choose to speak their truth through love and understanding.

I am looking for all of you that want to Live & Let Live so to speak.  I truly believe it is not only our divine right but also our divine obligation to be true to ourselves first and foremost.  Before anyone starts in with the “yeah but’s” I am not saying that your current responsibilities need to go…we may simply choose to re-vision the current life plan to add some nice color and excitement so YOU get to shine too!


So, I have some gifts coming out, some group work, some solo opportunities and an amazing group/adventure/group project I am working on too… I am super excited to share and when it is all Just Right then I will let you know!


Much love and Many JoyVentures,



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