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You have it already…

    “We are born to a comfortable position enough, if we do not afterwards lose it: the aim of Nature has been to enable us to live well without needing a vast apparatus to enable us to do so: every man is able by himself to make himself happy. External circumstances have very little importance either for good or for evil: the wise man is neither elated by prosperity nor depressed by adversity; for he has always endeavoured to depend chiefly upon himself and to derive all his joys from himself.”   That’s from the essay called “Consolation to Helvia”—Seneca’s truly remarkable letter to his mother after being exiled from Rome by Nero. The letter captures the essence of the Stoic philosophy: “whatever is best for a human being lies outside human control: it can neither be given nor taken away.” In other words, we possess WITHIN OURSELVES the greatest treasure: our ability to CHOOSE OUR RESPONSE to any situation. Here in America we are prone to feeling sorry for ourselves.  We are prone to, dare I say it, WHINING.  Oh I am a woman and the men hold me back with their glass ceiling….Oh I am a child and I have no rights to do anything, Oh I am a person of color and all of my ancestors and I are held back by those who are not “of color” Those are the biggies at this time and certainly not all of the complaints. But what are we really doing here?  We are giving away ALL of our own power.  We are pretending that what is best... read more

Is Happiness Genetic? Deepak Chopra says maybe so…

I recently came across one of Deepak Chopra’s articles on happiness.  In his article, he speaks to our genetics and what part they play in our happiness.  Interestingly enough, it appears that our choices influence our genetics on the topic of happiness and joy.  I love this as it is why I teach J.O.Y. or Just Own You.  For more of what Deepak Chopra has to say go here:   And, if you want to know how to use the J.O.Y. key to choose, design and create your own perfect life, connect with me at, if you prefer email and join my list so we can keep you up to date on the next great Joyful Adventure in Life Retreat opportunities….I am just going to say, look out waterholes here we come…   much love and many Joyful Adventures!   RalaJoy PS- you can also join me on the Coaches on Fire Radio Network for my live The J.O.Y. Radio show every other Wednesday live at 6pm Mountain, for the live show and the recordings go here:       CAN’T WAIT TO “SEE YOU”... read more

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